Water spray subaru

Home made using garden nozzles. Just a short video of my home made intercooler waterspray. GT et WRX ( montage de série sur STI)vous permet de refroidir la température de votre . Do you feel any power gains ? I take it you are meant to press it as you floor it or just before but why is the button in such .

With the optional Nose and Hose set fitte the radiator can also be water. IMPREZA・INTERCOOLER WATER SPRAY parts catalogs with pictures. You can find the parts you want. Shop with confidence on eBay! Subaru Impreza INTER COOLER WATER SPRAY.

Does anyone know where I can get the Ver automatic water spray switch. Intercooler water spray kit. Also has anybody installed one?

FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible . Was thinking about using a waterspray until I upgrade to a better IC. I was just doing some reading last night, and apparently the WRX STi comes with a water spray system for the intercooler. Pcs Front Windshield Wiper . I fitted a automatic water spray oem switch since the wiring loom was there, so just plugged it in and could get the M8OEM ECU to change . TOOn a four-cylinder car, the water will sometimes spray out in spurts that coincide with . MRT develops, fits and tests a water spray kit for the EVO X with SST transmission. The water spray system on the EVO like the earlier models has nozzles that direct. Click here to find out more.

Customers who bought this product also . Water , spray , electrical. This is an easy mod that will improve performance by water cooling the IC. This is a standard feature on some Stis that can be easily done to . Manual used to run trigger a spray for about seconds, timing relay is now gone due to a knob trying to steal the car. Auto never worked for me .