Shield of straw

Another of his growing list . This is the ad placed in all the main newspaper. Straw Shield-Nanako Matsushima. A new action-packed crime thriller from prolific filmmaker, Takashi Miike.

This bounty-hunting thriller from prolific Japanese director Takashi Miike is hamstrung by its baffling lack of plot logic, writes Peter Bradshaw.

Direction: Takashi Miike. A team of detectives must protect a suspect with a price on his head on a cross- country journey. Every bounty hunter in Japan wants him dead. Cops try to protect a vile criminal with a billion-yen bounty on his head. A novel from Vertical, Inc.

Cast: Takao Osawa, Nanako Matsushima, Goro Kishitani, Masato Ibu, Kento Nagayama, Tatsuya Fujiwara. The latest film by director Takashi Miike!

Escort a lowlife vicious criminal with a million doll. CANNES Chaque jour, Minutes vous propose de réviser les films en Compétition sur la Croisette. Ninagawa offre donc publiquement un . Sa petite-fille est assassinée et le suspect se nomme Kunihide Kiyomaru. Why Fremaux decided to burden this no-frills action flick with the expectations of a Competition slot remains a mystery.

Shield of straw ( Wara no tate)- Bande annonce VO . Download or ship for free. This short novel begins well, with strong characterization and a promisi. Distribution: Takao Osawa. Actuellement indisponible.

Avec cette publicité parue. Written by Raffi Asdourian on May . ORIGINAL TITLE: Wara No Tate. CAST: Takao Osawa, Nanako Matsushima, Tatsuya. Zack Snyder Reveals Chilling Reason Superman Was .

Takashi Miike has hit the director career sweet spot, being both feted at major festivals abroad and scoring at the box office at home, often with .