Precision planting

Précision planting propose types de distribution, de la plus simple à la plus élaborée, de la distribution mécanique à la pneumatique, pour que votre semoir. When you control spacing, depth and germination, you reach your best possible yield. These are the pillars on which yield rests . Precision Planting , Tremont, IL. During the season, there are many factors out of your control, so it makes sense that to give your crop the best possible outcome the planting.

A complete lineup of tested vertical tillage equipment and precision planter attachments.

Our storefront is our own farms! Becoming a Premier dealer gives Ag-Land FS the tools to help you avoid costly . We develop innovative products and solve important agronomic issues facing growers. Optimizing yields begins with efficient planning.

We combine advanced technology and deep understanding of your exact needs to . Two simple words “Multi Hybrid”. Set Select allows you to plant two different hybrids . Inventors: Luke Stuber, Justin Vollmer, Timothy .

Cover crops can be precision – planted after the cash crop is harvested. Planting cover crops with a precision planter is one of the best ways to ensure consistent . SeedSense, AirForce, RowFlow . We have intimate working knowledge of these products based on experience and our . Speed tube SpeedTube is designed to work with your current vDrive and . Mechanically driven seed metering devices currently perform their function efficiently and are a good solution to the problem of metering rates as seed is planted. We are farmers and we design products to improve your corn planting operation based on issues that we see in our own fields. SureFire Ag Systems and Schlipf . My father, James, had tried no- tilling in . Join LinkedIn today for free. Once again we have had lots of great feed back from local growers about singulation, population and depth control with precision planting.

No matter what color of planter you have, these products will ensure that . Investing in the right kind of technology and tools for your farming . Desenvolvemos produtos inovadores e solucionamos problemas, desde a distribuição de . FOR 24RWS, PNEUMATIC DOWN PRESSURE, INCLUDE COMPRESSOR SENSOR WIRING. Contact Aaron Maloy for all your precision planting needs!