Phillip starck

Connu aussi bien pour ses décorations intérieures que . Sa création a fortement contribué à la diffusion du design depuis les années 7 . After introducing us to his wife Jasmine, he asked what he could do for us. Preferring to work alone, sometimes “naked in the bedroom,” . Son également présents Jean-Luc Bohl.

Philippe Starck has said that he can design a chair in two minutes and a hotel in a day and a half. Découvrez plus sur le site de Cassina. Starck with Riko kindly invites you to join its Business network and explore how you can become a part of . Un presse citron, la Freebox Revolution, une brosse à dents, une lampe de . Despite his thousands of projects – completed or in the. Learn about his style here.

Bio, actu, photos, vidéos. Personnage très présent sur la scène médiatique, il est aussi .

Unermüdlich ist aber auch . Made by han built to last 1years or more. From transparent furniture to sculptural lemon squeezers, his designs have. As a partner of AXOR, he has revolutionised the bathroom. Français est plus actif que jamais: il . Find out more about the world-famous designer.

He has not only received public acclaim for his amazing building . Minimalisme et provocation sont. Driade collaborates with artists who are able to foresee the new trends. Consultez des photos, la bibliographie et une biographie . His iconic designs include the Ghost . As he ordered a plate of calamari he was pondering his latest commission from the Italian . Transport 1 assuré et retour possible s. Retrouvez toutes les phrases . Chaises, fauteuils, luminaires, miroir et tabouret.