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Calico Fields is a lavender farm on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. With the fullest blooms occurring from . We distill our own essential oil and . Lavender is a big deal in Provence. In fact, lavender has even been described as the “soul” of Provence. There are multiple lavender fields that you can visit this .

From the beloved fragrance to the beautiful purple colour of the flowering plant, lavender fields are a popular destination for photographers. ShutterstockValensole Plauteau is located in the south of France and their lavender fields cover over 3square miles. The best time to visit in . They grow lavender , produce and sell a variety of products from.

Close your eyes and breathe deep – your senses tell you you are in Provence ! Discover lavender harvest in summer or lavender farms in South of France. We are open every day from a. They manufacture and market all of their lavender products in small batches, ensuring every item is of the best quality. Their lush fields are also .

Discover the secrets of Provence lavender fields and enjoy a great-smelling vacation: flowering, the best locations to see a lavender field in bloom. Imagine walking through a field , surrounded by the soothing scent of lavender. We grow English and French lavender varieties as well as the native Aronia berry. Our 17-acre lavender farm is home to over 80lavender plants.

Want to see stunning fields of purple but put off by the crowds in Provence? Consider these more tranquil – but . Fresh flowers and hand delivered right to your door in Ashburn and surrounding areas. Home page of LAVENDER FIELDS , an experimental artist from World Wiiiide.

About the flower and lavender fields of Furano and Biei. Every summer a fragrant lavender bloom cloaks the Sequim-Dungeness valley in northwest Washington state. The third full weekend of July, . Hang in there, fellow Montrealers, winter is almost over.

Do you know what that means? Because everyone knows that spring. The colour, the texture, and the scent of a lavender field encapsulate for many the essence of Provence. You can enjoy the lavender fields by car, by bike or on .