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Muchos ejemplos de oraciones traducidas contienen “ triggering ” – Diccionario español-inglés y buscador de traducciones en español. College Republicans Club of the University of Massachusetts Amherst on .

The queue manager defines certain conditions as constituting trigger events. If triggering is enabled for a queue and a trigger event occurs, the queue manager. The initiation of an event or process.

The dual control of insulin secretion by glucose involves triggering and amplifying pathways in β-cells. Author information: (1)Unit of . With current ventilator triggering design, in initiating ventilator breaths patient effort is only a small fraction of the total effort expended to overcome the inspiratory . Since the last shot of the finale and the subsequent reports of .

Learn what software triggering is and when it matters. The liver must address a plethora of signalling molecules coming from different sources, such as . Essentials of oscilloscope trigger capability including scope triggering , hold-off, trigger level and the overall operation of the trigger function. Triggering and resolution of NASH. Bondi-like triggering algorithm. Furthermore, the elapsed time between any two successive triggering instants for any pair of linked agents is lower bounded by a constant.

The buying behaviour of potential customers is anything but consistent – in fact, it changes constantly. The Handbook on Community-Led Total. Sanitation contains comprehensive infor- mation on CLTS, its pre- triggering , trig- gering and post- triggering stages, . Just four sticks of dynamite and the triggering device, the kind of contacts you find in security systems on house windows.

Well when an signal is applied to the input of the CRO we require a mechanism that tells the CRO . Note: The use of CI_JOB_TOKEN for multi-project pipelines was introduced in GitLab Premium 9. This way of triggering can only be used when invoked inside . The triggering of convective orographic rainbands by small-scale topographic features is investigated through observations of a banded precipitation event over . In this article the triggering hypothesis for codeswitching proposed by. When a LAN device makes a connection on one of the defined .

Port triggering opens an incoming port for a specified type of traffic on a defined outgoing port.