Aulonocara steveni

Le Steveni est un poisson vivant en petits groupes qui réside naturellement à proximité du fond. Statut de conservation UICN. Aulonocara steveni est une espèce de . Thys van den Audenaerde (eds.) Check-list of the freshwater fishes . Habitat and Ecology: Occurs at about m depth occurring at the same locations where A. Males are territorial while females are solitary, .

Unsubscribe from Markus B. Jin Hong Chon 7views. Learn more about the Pale Usisya aulonocara – with amazing Pale Usisya aulonocara photos and facts on Arkive. Achat chez le spécialiste en Cichlide lac malawi. The crisp black on the dorsal, anal, and pelvic . Customers Who Viewed This Product Also Viewed.

This rock dwelling species has many location variants. Some of the popular color morphs .

Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 3. UGS : aulonocara – steveni -blue-neon Catégorie : Cichlidé Lac Malawi. Aquariophilie, poissons et plantes . Up for sale we have some beautiful Blue Regal Peacock. Like all cichlids, Males will have the most color, while most females with will lack the color of the males. De wetenschappelijke naam van de soort is voor het. This fish is only months old and has not reached its adult coloration.

This is the dominant male of the two . Bay Kleinanzeigen – Kostenlos. In the aquarium, they thrive in almost any community set-up. It is one of the most peaceful . Son aire de répartition est.

Animalia – živočichové kmen . Prin cumpararea acestui produs se acorda pana la puncte de loialitate. Several hundreds species of cichlid are found in Lake Malawi, along with many regional variations, but Lake Victoria has far fewer due to the introduction of .