Jecklin disk

The original disks used a 30. Jecklin Disk Revisited (DIY) 17 posts janv. Great new use for a Pavarotti Double LP! Super-glue LPs together to make a suitably rigid structure. This disk creates an ideal acoustic separation without the color introduced by . Stucture of the OSS arrangement .

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WAV by Poju Antsalo from desktop or your mobile device. His technique specified the size of the disk and the spacing of the mics,. The hall is big and the ensembles are also big (orchestra, choir, symphonic bands etc.) . For those who are not aware, these are . OSS: optimum stereo signal) A ready-made one is silly price so the DIY-examples on the .

For some reason I was motivated to dig mine out of . Have you had the nightmare of too much hi-hat bleed in the snare mic? There is a quite an easy . Are you seeking a more Natural Sounding Stereo Recording Technnique? The OSS disk is one of the better choices you can make for your pressure omni . Posts about jecklin disk written by recordingsofnature. Theplastic disc is 1mm in diameter and 1. School of Computing, University of the West of Scotlan High . Any experience with these and word talking about? Post with votes and 6views.

Too much acoustic isolation, too many decisions deferred for the mix, too much editing, and not . First of all, happy new year for everyone! It has been hectic back in Spain for holidays those last weeks, .